ICT & Computer Science

“Information Technology and Communication is a subject vital to our lives today. It develops a wide range of skills that are used in all other subjects. There is a clear progression in our lessons, and each module is divided into the stages of design, implementation and evaluation. Information Technology will prepare our young people for their future. It ensures that they are able to adapt in a technological world, where a fast response to changes and the ability to acquire information are key skills."

Department Staff

Subject Leader – Mr G D Evans (GDE) has an interest in programming, cycling and rugby.

Teacher of ICT – Mr L Barrow (LAB) who is also responsible for marketing and the school website, has an interest in the graphic design element of ICT and cycling.



ICT & Computer Science KS4


How can you support your child in this subject?

-  If you have a computer at home, please ensure it is in your living room.

- Sit with your child at the computer; ask them to teach you what they have learnt.

- If you do not have a computer at home please encourage your child to make use of local facilities where computers maybe used free of charge.

- Ensure that you have parental controls on all devices with access to the internet.

- Install a firewall and anti-virus software – many are available free of charge.

- Teach your child to keep backups of their work and not to use a memory stick as permanent storage.

- Develop your own ICT skills.


At Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Llangynwyd, we use a number of different software packages during lessons, but the main package we use is Microsoft Office.  We have recently invested in a version of Office that will allow the pupils to download the software at home for free.

To do this, pupils will need to visit the following website portal.office.com

They will need to log in using their 4 digit identifier that they use to log into the computers in school. After the 4 digit identifier, they will need to put “@disgybl.yggllangynwyd.cymru”. e.g. 0123@disgybl.yggllangynwyd.cymru

They will then need to input the same password they use to log into the computers in school.

After gaining access, they can then click install. Please be aware that this is a big software package. Please take this into consideration if you have a download limit on your internet connection.