Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Llangynwyd is a dedicated Welsh medium school for boys and girls between 11 and 19 years’ of age which is maintained by Bridgend County Corough Council. This is the only Welsh medium sedondary school for the Unitary Authority. The school is located in the historic village of Llangynwyd and its catchment area is the whole county of Bridgend.


The school accepts pupils of all abilities.


The school opened in September 2008 with 128 pupils in year 7. During the 2015-16 academic year there are 623 pupils on roll in years 7 to 13 with 111 in the 6th form. Projected figures indicate there will be around 850 pupils in the school by 2020.

The school has the full time equivalent of 47 teachers and 23 ancillary staff.  

All pupils at the school are bilingual with 21.8% (2011-12) of pupils from homes where Welsh is spoken by at least one parent and 90.9% (2010-11) from homes where English is the main language.

The school’s aims are to create a successful Welsh school which is self-evaluative, offering wide and fair opportunities for all through the development of lifelong learners.


The above objective is implemented by working with the school and community stakeholders to enrich pupils’ education and experiences through the medium of Welsh as a language of life and work.

The school is committed to safeguard pupils and young peoples’ welfare and all staff and volunteers associated with the school share this commitment.


The school’s mission statement:

 A successful Welsh medium school with high standards which is self-critical, offering wide and fair opportunities for all through the development of lifelong learning skills.

 This is encapsulated within the school’s motto, “Dysg...dawn...dyfodol” (Education….talent...future) which outlines the importance of education and the development of lifelong learning skills.



Mr Meurig Jones







Mr Geraint Isaac 

Chair of Governors